Rail wheels

Rail wheels for mining installation.

Pressure cylinders

Pressure cylinders for board presses.


Plunges for board press cylinder.

Contact: Anders Odéhn

Hubs, blades, impellers, valve bodies, disc and wedges, bonnets, retention rings, covers, protective shields, suction casings or diffusers, discharge elbows, riser columns, pump casings, channels, floating heads, tube sheets and covers.

Applications: Shipbuilding, turbines, valves, pumps, heat exchangers.

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Valves, pumps, hubs, blades, discharge rings, rotors, diaphragms, diffusers, compressor bodies, coupler heads, bolsters, braking systems, bogies, axle boxes and center pivots. 

Applications: Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Energy, Hydropower, Railway, Mining & Earth moving, Marine and Offshore, Civil engineering.

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Compressor covers, enginge brackets, compressor covers, t-shape housings, pump housings, crankcases, cable rope hubs, contact holders, centrifugal pumps, heat exchangers, train body parts and gear cases. 

Applications: Industry.

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Contact: Benoit Francois